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dog blog 🐾

Welcome to the inaugural dog blog post, where we will hand off the writing to a very special guest dog. Today’s blog is written by Sterling, a 1 year old Australian Shepherd/Golden Retriever rescue. His favorite activities include annoying his older brother Archer, destuffing toys, greeting everyone, and trying very hard to be a good boy.

This morning was much like any other when I suddenly felt nature calling. I did what any good boy would do, and I ran to the door to ring my bells. Sometimes my human just takes me to the yard, saying something about being in a hurry and having other dogs to walk. (Who are these other dogs? Can I meet them?) But this time was different, and I was going to take my favorite walk on the nature path behind our house. Who am I kidding though? All walks are my favorite!

Today is trash day, so that means so many delicious trash cans to sniff. I had to stop at every. single. one. Sometimes I think my humans get annoyed, but they know how good all the sniffing is for me, so they let me take my time. We made it to the big grassy area that is FULL of other dog smells. I could have spent an hour with my nose pressed to the grass, but my human said I needed to have my picture taken. I am not a model. I am a dog. I sat nicely and was rewarded with a treat (see, I do try to be a good boy).

Australian shepherd/golden retriever rescue dog on a walk in Lakewood Ranch

I don't know what this thing is around my neck, but my human says it makes me look so handsome. I don't see anyone else wearing one, and I hope they aren't laughing at me behind my back.

Finally we were off to walk on the path, which meant I got to look for rabbits and tiny lizards. I sure would like to get one of those rabbits one day. I promise I just want to play with them a little bit. They like to be shaken, right? I think I was hot on the trail of one of them today... this spot smelled like one.

Australian shepherd/golden retriever rescue dog on a walk in Lakewood Ranch

I was sadly disappointed by the lack of rabbits and lizards, AND my human didn't let me go in the pond today... something about gator bait. HOW RUDE! For paybacks I would not make eye contact for a picture. I just wanted to go home and get a drink if I couldn't have any fun. I hope you enjoyed going on a walk with me today, and tell your human I said hi!

Australian shepherd/golden retriever rescue dog on a walk in Lakewood Ranch


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