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diy dog costumes for the procrastinator

Oh snap! Halloween is less than a week away and you haven't figured out what to dress your best pal up as. The stores are all picked over, and who wants to drop a load of money on something Fido won't wear? We've scoured the internet and found some super easy costumes so your best friend can take part in the fun!

German WireHaired Pointer dressed in a loofah costume

Photo Courtesy of Winnie the GWP

Who wouldn't want to take a shower with this loofah?! You can bunch up pieces of tulle and attach it to a shirt. Add a piece of rope and a rubber ducky toy to complete the bubbly costume.

Photo Courtesy of Brit + Co

I used to have the largest collection of Beanie Babies thanks to my grandma who popped into a small town drugstore every week to check out their newest selection. You can show off your own life size Beanie Baby this Halloween. Head over to Brit + Co for detail instructions.

Photo Courtesy of Whiskers Gone Wild

It's a life size Puppuccino! My dogs LOVE to take a trip to the local Starbucks for a pup cup. This one looks pretty easy, with the hardest part being finding the right size box. If you're like me, you order enough off Amazon to have a variety... Detailed instructions are on the Whiskers Gone Wild site.

Photo Courtesy of @murphy_thelabrador

How do you like your martini? Dirty? Dry? Wet? Sweet? I like mine labrador style. Repurpose that leftover cone of shame with a simple addition of floral balls and a thin dowel rod. Your pup will be the life of the party!

We'd love to see what costumes you are dressing your furry friends up in. Comment below, or tag us on social media. Happy Halloween and tell your pet I said hi!


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